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Oct 28, 2020

Gull is looking to help everyone break free from their limiting beliefs about money so they can live a life of unlimited abundance by learning her 3 steps to Cashflow Mastery.


Gull Khan is a former Banking and Finance Lawyer, who left her corporate job to pursue her passion and become a Money Mindset Expert and Healer. She successfully overcame her battle with dyslexia and then completed her Law Degree at Queen Mary, University of London. She then went on to become a Barrister with Middle Temple (UK), Attorney with the New York Bar, and a fully qualified Solicitor with the Law Society of England and Wales in the UK. If all that wasn't enough, Gull is also a trained Intuitive Life Coach and a certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) expert, with a special focus on money in each discipline. Gull has helped hundreds of men and women to heal their money stories and to manifest between $2,000 to $830,000 within 8 weeks!


Curtis’s motto is that what you learn today and how you position yourself will determine your future financial well-being 5, 10, 20 years from today. To learn more about how to manage your wealth in a practical way, visit


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Show Notes

  • Gull’s background - 2:30
  • Money is never enough - 8:19
  • How she truly feels about money - 8:55
  • Money gets blamed for everything - 11:00
  • Money means freedom - 12:09
  • What’s your money avatar? - 15:54
  • Not having a negative impact on money - 16:29
  • Money comes and goes - 18:11
  • Building better relationships - 25:04
  • Manage your money better - 34:28
  • 3 step cashflow mastery - 41:39
  • Get in touch with Gull - 43:38


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