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Jan 18, 2018

Banks are setup for business people by business people to take control of your money. In this episode Curtis talks about the 7 ways to beat the banks at their own game and how you can apply his 5 step program to take control of your finances.


Curtis’s motto is that what you learn today and how you position yourself will determine your future financial well-being 5, 10, 20 years from today. To learn more about how to manage your wealth in a practical way, visit


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Show Notes

  • Most people are caught into losing money by transferring wealth to banks - 1:23
  • Case study of a family coming into an inheritance - 3:15
  • Curtis’s 5 Step Program - 6:06
  • I don’t care what you start with - I care that you’re starting - 7:39
  • The financial system is setup for business people by business people - 9:11
  • Decide to keep money for yourself - 10:35
  • One of the best places to store cash - 14:46
  • Why you have to act as the banker - 15:25
  • Taking the mystery out of the money - 17:49
  • Why you can win focusing on scarcity - 20:12
  • Understanding your personal economy - 24:00
  • Reducing contributions to IRA’s and 401k’s - 24:38
  • There’s a difference between having debt and being in debt - 28:25
  • Strategies on how to free up extra capital - 31:20
  • Using wealth to create a legacy - 32:00
  • Why income is not wealth - 34:00


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James Washington
two and a half years ago


Can you provide your link? I like to listen to the rest of your podcasts.