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Feb 9, 2023

In this episode, George Liu and I discuss generating multiple six figures a year by working an hour a day.

So if you want to know how to run a profitable business, how to triple your revenue in 3 weeks, and how to make and have more time so you can generate multiple six figures a year working an hour a day, tune in now!

In this episode, you'll discover:

How Gym Owners Are Adding $30k In 90 Days, Risk-Free, Without Wasting Money On Ads Or Chasing Leads Down.

  • Rebound from bankruptcy to generating $15K a week
  • Generate multiple six figures a year working an hour a day
  • Easily add $10K a month in additional revenue
  • Land 41 new yearly contracts at $200 a month
  • Triple their revenue in 3 weeks

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Creating a Mindset that Leads to Lifestyle Liberation

Show Notes

  • Introducing George Liu, the Profit Specialist for gym owners
  • His immigrant experience and how it helped his career
  • Transforming life through fitness and education
  • Investing in mindset and skillset for success
  • The story behind his journey in business and marketing
  • The power of advertising
  • How he helped struggling gym owners during the pandemic
  • The challenges of serving as a marketer in the fitness industry
  • Building a strong foundation and taking risks for success
  • The myths behind being a gym owner
  • Leveraging systems to achieve success in the gym and fitness industry
  • The challenges of achieving success
  • Business strategies for trainers stuck in a rut
  • The mental trap of learned helplessness
  • Fighting limitations and positioning yourself in the marketplace
  • How he understands people in the business
  • Marketing strategies in crafting an effective direct response
  • The difference between businesses that fail and thrive
  • Transitioning from a self-centered to a service-oriented business mindset
  • Helping gym owners reach their goals
  • How you can leverage your business for growth
  • Navigating equity and financial planning for entrepreneurs

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