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May 26, 2022

This episode is going to talk about the "Miracle of Compound Interest".

Financial advisors constantly use compounding interest calculators to project and predict future values for their clients. The problem with that is that stocks, bonds, and mutual funds don’t compound interest. In fact, no investment does. Stocks don’t compound interest. They appreciate and they depreciate in value. That’s not the same as compounding interest.

Understanding this truth also sort of demolishes the entire use of the phrase, “the miracle of compound interest” (supposedly by Einstein), as it relates to investments. It’s simply not applicable. Compound interest calculators, therefore, are generally used as a marketing tool to sell investments. They are not real predictors of what is going to happen and are generally a bad way to choose an investment. Calculations and projections are not a good substitute for real knowledge about an investment.

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Show Notes

  • The topics for today’s episode
  • How soon will your money double once you start investing
  • The common misconception with investing and inflation
  • What the problem with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs are
  • How compounding works
  • What the first rule of wealth is
  • The three rules of investing
  • How you can get a free interest report

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