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Sep 21, 2017

Curtis shares a personal story about a cousin that was recently killed and how the family had to work through the emotional and financial devastation. He explains why insurance companies investigate before they make a payout and why most people are underinsured because of human life value.

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Show Notes:
02:14 The core of all planning is insurance because you need to bet on certainty.
03:00 Don’t be emotionally devastated and financially devastated.
06:03 Why insurance companies investigate before they make a payout.
07:03 Human Life Value - Why most people are underinsured.
08:56 Your legacy is to pass on wealth and wisdom.
10:40 Half of winning is showing up.
11:21 Don’t just have insurance on your job.
12:31 Insurance is the only that guarantees what you want to happen will happen.
14:23 It’s not about the product. It’s about the strategy.
16:10 Begin with the end in mind when it comes to your finances.