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Mar 30, 2023

This Episode is special. I'm with Jessica Fialkovich, a Business Exit Expert, a bestselling author, speaker, and small business advocate. She sold her first business a decade ago and successfully exited it before buying her next business - a business brokerage office. She has since built the fastest-growing and most successful business brokerage firm in the US. 

Jessica realized that most business owners who decide to sell their businesses are not prepared for the process, and few experts teach how to sell a business. She founded Exit Factor, an education firm that provides tools to buyers and sellers for successfully and profitably completing transactions. 

She is an entrepreneur who has built and sold four startups with her husband and business partner, Al. Jessica enjoys exploring the mountains with her family and attending as many Springsteen shows as possible.

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    Show Notes
  • Jessica is the founder of Exit Factor, a consulting company that helps people prepare to sell or buy a business
  • The firm's vision is on helping small businesses, which they believe are crucial to the country's success
  • Exit Factor helps business owners adjust their expectations and get their business ready for sale
  • Narrowing your focus on growth through acquisition strategy can generate less overwhelm and help you find the perfect acquisition for your unique ability
  • Cultural compatibility between businesses is crucial during the transition phase of acquisition
  • Exit Factor helps sellers establish the current value of their business and create a roadmap to hit their goal sale price before preparation for sale
  • The demographic shift from baby boomers to millennials has contributed to an increase in entrepreneurial activity and a rise in businesses for sale
  • Preparing your business for sale should be a priority from day one of ownership
  • Exit Factor provides educational resources and programs for sellers and buyers to better understand each other's perspectives and maximize the value of a sale

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