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Nov 14, 2018

A groundbreaking new app called “Marco Polo” is the topic of this episode as we get the opportunity to conversate with one of its most active promoters Robert Hartline. Robert is an entrepreneur from Nashville who already owns four companies, among them CallProof, a software company dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of outside sales teams for businesses all over the United States.


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Show Notes

  • Robert's background - 1:34
  • The Marco Polo app- 3:02
  • The beauty of video walkie-talkie - 3:45
  • How the app works - 6:04
  • Passion in an organization - 8:26
  • Building relationships with clients - 10:20
  • Using the Marco Polo app - 11:30
  • Opportunities through Marco Polo - 12:24
  • A Marco Polo group - 20:55
  • Life is very short - 24:55
  • Technology for business growth - 26:08
  • Achieving business growth - 26:42


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