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Jul 22, 2020

Curtis interviews Tenny Tolofari about how he started multifamily investing. Prior to establishing Xsite Capital Investment in 2019, Tenny spent several years leading a major sales force in one of the fastest-growing financial service companies in America. He is also a Global Cyber  Security professional supporting the likes of Boeing and Deloitte. Tenny met his business partner Leslie Awasom in 2019. Together, they invested in a 192 unit apartment project in 2019 as Limited Partners and are on track to acquire 500 units in 2020. Tenny's major role is building relationships with brokers, property management companies, and investors to ensure the success of their property investment business. 


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Show Notes

  • A cash flow program - 2:42
  • Investing in real estate - 3:19
  • What you have to do as an owner - 5:40
  • Expanding his vision and network - 6:19
  • Getting started in multifamily investing - 8:19
  • Educate yourself - 9:49
  • All you need to do is take action - 13:22
  • Wanting to do business - 15:47
  • Ensuring your investment - 17:19
  • The importance of building confidence - 23:18
  • The excitement of multifamily investment - 24:27
  • Wanting to educate people - 25:17


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