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Oct 12, 2017

In this episode Joe Pantozzi talks with Curtis about the components of wealth and prosperity including how to think from a prosperous mindset, the importance of having a good WHY, committing to excellence, and to focus on giving.

Curtis’s motto is that what you learn today and how you position yourself will determine your future financial well-being 5, 10, 20 years from today. To learn more about how to manage your wealth in a practical way, visit

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Show Notes

  • Joe making the switch over to Prosperity Economics - 1:30
  • You can’t think like the world thinks - 4:12
  • Selling is getting someone intellectually engaged in a future result that is good for them - 6:37
  • People will live up to their expectations, but if they don’t set expectations that exceed their grasp, then they’re never going to grow - 10:20
  • The importance of being aware, figuring out the WHY - 13:28
  • If you don’t have a good WHY, then you won’t be able to accomplish the goals you say you have - 14:23
  • If what you’re doing is enriching others’ lives, don’t feel guilty about making money and being successful - 16:38
  • A word on excellence - 17:57
  • Lessons learned and how to apply it: “Where do you put your money?” - 21:48
  • How rich people got rich - 24:00
  • Most people don’t have a money problem, most people have a philosophy problem - 25:52
  • Great reads -  27:15
  • Capital consumption vs generational wealth - 32:12
  • Components and escalation of wealth - 34:55
  • Fuller: “If it wasn’t for governments, there is enough on this planet to make every inhabitant a billionaire.” - 35:52
  • Pursue relationships instead of wealth - 36:41
  • Recap - 37:36
  • Joe’s parting words of wisdom - 39:00