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Jan 29, 2020

Gary Wilson's purpose in life is to guide you to wealth and income with real estate. He loves to teach others how to buy their freedom from renting, flipping, and wholesaling real estate. He is an investor and a real estate agent who can create an environment where investors can work with agents who know how to invest and where agents can profit with their licenses without adding more work! It’s a win-win for everyone involved. Listen to this episode and gain important insights about real estate, enjoy!

Curtis’s motto is that what you learn today and how you position yourself will determine your future financial well-being 5, 10, 20 years from today. To learn more about how to manage your wealth in a practical way, visit

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Show Notes

  • Talking about real estate with Gary Wilson - 0:18
  • The author of seven books! - 1:17
  • Gary's first mentor - 3:11
  • A gap between knowing and doing - 4:33
  • The importance of mentors and education - 5:54
  • What's the big next step? - 6:35
  • Your #1 asset is you! - 10:59
  • Characteristics of successful people - 14:50
  • Strategies to reach your goals - 18:10
  • Increasing the cash flow of a property - 21:21
  • Real estate strategies - 22:00
  • Guiding you to get the best deals in real estate - 29:30
  • Why invest in real estate? - 31:19
  • Gary's philosophy to understanding real estate - 31:50
  • Why leverage your business? - 33:18
  • Get in touch with Gary - 36:15
  • Teaching real estate agents - 36:36

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